Wild Wednesdays: Sex and Motherhood (The Great Divide)

Wild Wednesdays Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of Wild Wednesdays: a video series featuring YOUR questions to me about all things forbidden: motherhood, wildness, shamanism, animal totems, pay what you can… I openly answer from my wild heart… unscripted in one take.

This first video is about mamahood and the conflict moms often feel between their “mom” self and their sexuality.

It can be a hard bridge to cross until you realize the chasm only exists in your head.

Our (Western developed) culture has been systematically separating humans from their bodies and sexual expression for thousands of years. This affects us from day one, when our mothers felt like they had to choose between being a mom or being a sexual creature. Yet, isn’t this separation crazy? After all, how do most women become mothers?


In this video, I explain how important it is to build a bridge from the roles you play to your own body.

Please watch and share:

It is time to reclaim our sexuality in all of its magnificent forms.

Don’t you think?