Visibility: The Portal of 2016

Lola Medicine Keeper Chakras

This year feels decidedly different, no?

We have walked through a threshold.

It is the first year where it’s felt important to me not only to mark the new year’s entrance with ritual (usually Solstice feels more like New Year to me), but also to claim which portal this year will be for me. This is not choosing “my” guiding word of the year… it’s like that, but carries a different energy.

A portal has room for all who want to enter in. It is not mine. It is ours – available for each of us who yearn to live as an altar of Becoming. The portal becomes a chosen lens… A way of seeing your day unfold with possibility…. A compass to help you choose alignment, to return to yourSelf again and again, to become one with your soul-whispered Truths.

What should I do today? How can I love this ugly thing that’s right in front of me? How do I respond to life? How do I contribute to Life? How can I deal with these fears and stories? How I can I BE love?

The portal you choose can simplify the guidance.

How do you know which portal is beckoning you forward?

  • It is a single word.
  • It scares you a little (or a lot), in the right ways.
  • It excites, thrills, and motivates you.
  • Your body says, YES. This is it.
  • It is an energy of moving toward, not away from.

My portal for this year?

One that thrills and terrifies me to no end: VISIBILITY.

To be visible means that I am perceptible, perceivable, seeable, observable, noticeable, detectable, discernible; in sight, manifest, transparent, plain, clear, conspicuous, unmistakable, unconcealed, undisguised, prominent, salient, striking…

As I walk through the door of visibility, I allow myself to be SEEN.
In each of my (inter)actions, I open my heart.
I use the tools I’ve been given.
I devote myself.
I cultivate my garden of wisdom.
I trust my ability to contain intensity.

I commit fully to be the vessel and channel I am designed to be.
It matters not “what” I do. Or even “who” I am.
It is HOW I am that is most important now.
And that I show myself to you.

I nurture my clarity so deeply.
I work with the medicine.
I become the safest space.
I resource myself.
I stand tall.

I invite you in.

My offerings are being redesigned completely. This portal demands it.

My temple of play… my work as midwife of the divinely mundane, my offerings on the medicine path will officially open soon. And with it, new ways of connecting, soul-to-soul arrive.

The tribes are already forming:


Feeling the pull toward Wild Playground but don’t want to wait for the launch? Email me and let’s have a conversation about what’s coming. Perhaps your tribe is ready for you now.

What Portal is calling you this year?

What is your soul wanting you to claim?

I love you.

Photo of Lola by Jamie Phillips

4 confessions
  1. cynthia

    My soul cries put to release that which no longer serves me…
    To take back my power that was given with an open heart and abused
    and to retrieve that which was taken with malice…Thanking ur kind heart.

  2. Lisa

    My soul is yearning for the room it deserves, it’s taking it step by step, expression, creativity flow, endless possibilities of joy and freedom and craziness are waiting. JOY is the portal.

  3. Toni

    Towards the end of last year, I decided I too must become visible. and I started planning a festival that would be more than a PPD. That would put me more out in the world with my path. This scares me, excites me, energizes me. Failure is now not an option. Success in getting the portals open is all important.

  4. Chancie

    My soul needs me to rid myself of insecurities and self doubt so that I may be brave and bold enough to speak my truth although it may sting.

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