Animal Power Immersion

Already discovered your animal totem and hungry for the next step?

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Your power animal's teachings are as unique to you as your own fingerprints.

This animal has wisdom to unveil about yourself and your life that goes beyond what I've shared with you so far... The intelligence of wild spirit runs deeper than anything you'll find on Google. It is vivid, fertile, and juicier than you can imagine.

If you have been wondering how to work with your totem + what comes next, here's how I can help:

I serve as a spirit animal communicator... With a combination of astrological sleuthing, shamanic journeying, and energy medicine, I can translate general animal wisdom into precise insight and guidance that applies to your life in tangible, specific, and completely unique ways.

Your totem could reveal...

  • Your soul's expression as career path.
  • Exactly how to stand in your power.
  • Medicine for you in self worth and finances.
  • Important keys regarding your health.
  • How to navigate lunar cycles and planetary events like Saturn Returns.

There is so much to discover when you pair your totem with its zodiac sign on your chart. No two results are alike! Cool, right?

Welcome to the next level of your totemic adventure.

Here's how Animal Power Immersion works:

  • Complete the questionnaire below (and play duck, duck, goose while you're at it). This is a secure form and your information will not be shared.
  • Note that a NEW totem may be trying to make an appearance. If so, I will let you know in our session.
  • When you hit "Goose", you'll be taken to PayPal. This offering is $150.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule our 1-hour session to go over my discoveries. Our session will be rich with stories, rituals, resources, and astrological + channeled totemic insights, just for you. My words are a medicine of their own, and my voice carries energy transmissions unavailable in other forms.

Your totem is alive with poetry and truth. Come find out what else it has to say to you.

Below, please share with me...

24-hour format (10pm is 22:00)
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