The forbidden

Behind the scenes...
we're just a bunch of animals.

Foxy: Lola Medicine Keeper

Founder & Curator

Lola is a modern day Shaman who has been described as “bulletproof coffee meets tribal elder.” As a child, she ground acorns in the woods and devoured ancient myths under flashlit midnight sheets. She’s returned full circle to these wild roots, bringing plant + animal medicine to those craving a more soul-aligned, less domesticated life.

Through power animal retrieval, edge walker sessions, shamanic mentorship, and experiential learning in her online Wild Playground, people around the world are re-membering and unleashing their true natures. Lola is mom to two wild babes, wife to the sacred masculine (AKA Tigre), and she believes irreverence is the key to all that’s sacred. You can find her online here and at

Tigre: Rick Pickett

Art Director & Developer

Mr. Tigre’s passions span from art & design to regenerative systems development and world travel. He is the Permaculture instructor at Chakra Alegría de Amor in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. When not working on various design projects, you’ll find him illustrating, cycling, gardening, or writing about permaculture.