About Emelie Archer Pickett and A Forbidden Life
I wasn't born into a long line of seers, oracles, or healers.

(At least not in this lifetime.)

Yet, who I am now is not a far departure from the magical little girl in the woods I once was. I just took a few detours along the way... perhaps some of them will feel familiar to you. My name is Lola Yaguareté Pickett, although my identity is not nearly as important as my story:

My life once read like a how-to guide to achieving what women in the Western world are supposed to want.

good girl Emelie Archer

I was a good girl, always.

Until I tore my life apart, my biggest fear was being a disappointment. I didn’t really know how to approve of myself, so I looked everywhere else for validation. I used to think being seen as smart was more important than (and mutually exclusive to) being "fun". In school, my grades were stellar. After getting my practical college degree, I set about creating what looked like a perfect life. But my white-picket-fenced beach house, golden retriever, college-sweetheart husband and svelte, blonde-coiffed body didn’t paint the full picture. I would never have let you see them, but you could find cracks in the facade if you knew where to look… My always-justified revolving-door career, my credit card statements, my non-existent sex drive.

This was normal.

Of course your husband drives you crazy. Of course you need that outfit. Maybe you’re just not that into sex. Everyone who acts like they are is probably lying. Everyone’s faking it. It’s just what we do.

I stuffed myself with white lies; participated in mindless gossipy conversations about nothing; questioned my sexuality; bought another pair of shoes. The breaking point came unexpectedly about a year after my son was born. One day, in a flash of desperation inspired by pulpy teen vampire fiction, I stopped saying “fine” when my friends asked how I was feeling.

The truth felt like a flash of lightning.

Because, I was anything but fine. And with that electrifying admission, I knew that being just fine would never again be good enough.

It’s terrifying to admit that your entire life must change.

It also feels like pricks of feathers are emerging from your shoulder blades, like the wings you always wanted are sprouting on your back. The truth feels like oxygen after nearly drowning. What was my truth? That I was in the wrong marriage. That I hadn’t made a life for myself to which I could fully commit. That I was scared to talk about money, that I was angry at generations of mothers in my family who couldn’t love or forgive themselves.

The truth was that I was a passionate woman living a shadow of the life I craved.

Several years ago, my mouth began to form words of desire again. I found loving language to ask for what I wanted. I stretched and pushed the walls of my good girl chrysalis; lustily building strength to break free. I learned to PLAY again. When I left my marriage six months later, very little suffering frothed in its wake; not just for me, but for my ex and son as well.
show for for yourself to find your true love photo fox y tigre
I forgave my mother and her mother and all the mothers. I forgave my father, my former partner, my beautiful fellow men and women for all of their damage and denial; all of us for our future mistakes. I forgave myself for my pain and confusion; for my choices and fears. I traveled to Peru; I found tantra; I got married again – this time by design and not by default. My son now has two dads. Sometimes, we all share a meal – much to the delight of our little boy.

I navigate the murky waters of life with a nakedly open heart.

Among my roles are; a totemic shaman, a poet, an artist, an animalistic spiritual teacher, a writer... I revel in cloudshapes and salty skin. I no longer question my path, my purpose, my commitment, my sexuality, or my place in the world. I am so much more than my identities (as are you).

White lies are no longer a cozy hiding place.

My truth set me free. I created A Forbidden Life as a space for poetic, truthful conversations about love, intimacy, sex, marriage, shamanism, passion, and freedom.

My forbidden life opens the doors to yours.

As humans, we have been given the gifts of consciousness and compassion, but until we remember our animal selves, they get buried under the weight of duty... under the weight of the wrong recipe for the right life.

Changing the world doesn't take brains. It takes a playful, truthful heart.

It starts with yours.

I am here to help you find your awe again. Come play with me.